Annotations for Keeping Bees in Towns & Cities

Baker & Taylor
Presents a guide to urban bee farming, including instructions on how to select the perfect hive, care for a colony, harvest honey, and maintain a safe colony for neighbors.

Book News
Keeping bees in urban environments is a centuries old tradition and this new volume from London-based professional beekeeper Luke Dixon provides a practical primer for modern city dwellers on this satisfying and environmentally important hobby. Packed with full-color illustrations and useful tips, the volume discusses topics such as hive types and selection, buying bees, maintenance and bee health, honey harvesting, and year round bee keeping procedures. An additional section provides case studies and examples of successful bee keeping operations in a variety of urban environments from around the world. This volume will be of interest to backyard gardeners wanting to take the next step in urban homesteading. Annotation ©2013 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Workman Press.

Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities features everything an urbanite needs to know to start keeping bees: how to select the perfect hive, how to buy bees, how to care for a colony, how to harvest honey, and what to do in the winter. Urban beekeeping has particular challenges and needs, and this book highlights the challenges and presents practices that are safe, legal, and neighbor-friendly.

The text is rounded out with profiles of urban beekeepers from all over the world, including public hives at the Maryland Center for Horticulture, beekeeping on an office balcony in Melbourne, Australia, and a poolside hive at a hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia.