Annotations for Amelia Vs. the Sneeze Barf

Abdo Group
Meet Amelia McBride! The first book in the series introduces you to Amelia, her family, neighbors, and the infamous sneeze barf. It's summer and Amelia has made friends with Reggie, Pajamaman, and Rhonda. They've even come up with their own superhero alter egos. Their first superhero mission is to stop the neighborhood bullies any way they can. But, can Amelia aka Princess Powerful and the rest of G.A.S.P. (Gathering of the Awesome Super Pals) survive the terrible sneeze barf? Spotlight editions are printed on high-quality paper and with reinforced library bindings specifically printed for the library market. Grades 3-6.

Baker & Taylor
After her parents divorce, Amelia and her mother move to a new town where Amelia and her new friends pretend to be superheroes in an attempt to stop the neighborhood bullies.