Annotations for Nancy Drew Girl Dectective 6 : Mr. Cheeters Is Missing

Baker & Taylor
Nancy Drew gets involved in an odd case when she is hired by an eccentric rich woman to find her missing chimpanzee, Mr. Cheeters, an ape that no one has ever seen but who was wearing an expensive diamond necklace when he disappeared.

McMillan Palgrave

When the eccentric Blanche Porter reports that her beloved Mr. Cheeters has vanished, it isn't your standard missing persons case. As Nancy Drew soon discovers, Mr. Cheeters, is a pet chimp. Or is he? Based on a preliminary investigation and information obtained from Blanche's brother, Lawrence, the River Heights police dismiss the case as bogus - doubting that there ever was a Mr. Cheeters to begin with. But when Nancy Drew discovers there's a missing diamond necklace as well - she's on the case! Can Nancy, along with Bess and George, recover the great ape and the necklace, or has Blanche Porter made a monkey out of Nancy Drew? Ages 8 to 12.