Annotations for Gross Me Out : 50 Nasty Projects to Disgust Your Friends & Repulse Your Family

Baker & Taylor
A collection of fifty experiments and activities for "awesomely gross" things to do or make, including fake blood, roadkill roast, and slime games.

Kids absolutely love everything nasty and disgusting; it's especially fun when their enthusiasm for the "ick factor" drives parents, teachers, and any adult in sight to distraction. Now youngsters can indulge their lust for the foul with 50 wonderfully repulsive projects (illustrated in color for that extra pow). The repellent journey starts with the stinky, scaly, slimy side of the human body; children meet the critters that live under the skin and fingernails, learn what causes those embarrassing sounds and smells, and make (very convincing) fake blood to throw Mom into a panic. They'll cook up impressively scary gangrene fingers from marzipan; whip up "booger bath," and grow a gross mold garden. To end this salute to the truly nauseating: a special "You're Gross and You're Proud!" celebration.