Annotations for Doggy Dung Disaster & Other True Stories : Regular Kids Doing Heroic Things Around the World

Baker & Taylor
Presents true stories of children who achieved important things, such as an eleven-year-old who saved many lives because she knew the warning signs of a tsunami and a thirteen-year-old who lost her left arm but decided to keep surfing.

Free Spirit
Inspire kids and teens with this book of profiles of young people from across the globe who have overcome adversity to achieve great things and impact their world.

What makes these kids so special?

Twelve-year-old Haruka invents an environmentally friendly way to scoop dog poop. Fifteen-year-old Malika fights against segregation in her Alabama town. Ten-year-old Jean-Dominic wins a battle against pesticides--and the cancer the pesticides caused in his body. Thirteen-year-old Bethany loses her arm to a shark while surfing but lives to get back on her board. In all, The Doggy Dung Disaster profiles 30 extraordinary young people who are real-life heroes in five areas:

    * Kids Saving the Environment
    * Kids Standing Up for Themselves
    * Kids Helping Others
    * Kids Overcoming Challenges
    * Kids Using Talents and Creativity

Compelling, funny, and poignant, this book features kids who have used their heads, their hearts, their courage, and sometimes their stubbornness to help others and do amazing things. As young readers meet these boys and girls from around the world, they may wonder, "What kind of hero lives inside of me?"