Annotations for Code Check Plumbing : An Illustrated Guide to the Plumbing Codes

Ingram Publishing Services
Code Cheek Plumbing fully details plumbing codes and specifications. It explains and illustrates the principles behind certain plumbing codes to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Random House, Inc.
Code Check Plumbing outlines the principles behind the various accepted plumbing codes and provides information on the code requirements for all types of plumbing installations, including all supply, drain, and vent systems. It is cross-referenced to the current International Residential Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, and Uniform Mechanical Code.

The Code Check Series is one of Taunton's most successful book lines. Spiral bound, with durable laminated pages, the books in this series are designed to be used on-site for quick reference, ensuring that all jobs meet the highest safety standards while drastically reducing code violation call-backs. The Code Check Series is endorsed by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO).