Annotations for Place for Fish

Baker & Taylor
Presents information about fish, describing their physical characteristics and discussing different ways in which they are threatened, from the dumping of chemicals into waterways, to overfishing, to deforestation, and what scientists have done to help.

Peachtree Pub Ltd
In this simple introduction to fish and ecology, Melissa Stewart shares with young readers the behavior and beauty of fish and describes specific ways people can help protect them and their natural habitats.

Children learn basic facts about fish, including where they live, what they eat, and how they benefit plants and other animals. Sidebars throughout the book contain information on human action that has harmed fish and on the many ways people can protect threatened fish populations, such as by preserving reefs and other marine habitats and by restricting overfishing in sensitive areas. Pointers on how youngsters can help fish in their own community are also included.

Stewart offers children a glimpse into the interconnectedness of our world and shows how the actions of one species can inadvertently harm another. Bond's colorful, realistically detailed watercolor illustrations highlight the diversity of fishes and their habitats--from the Lahontan cutthroat trout in Nevada's lakes to the spotted trunkfish native to Florida's coral reefs.