Annotations for Sounder

Baker & Taylor
A young Black boy, conforted by the companionship of the devoted dog, Sounder, grows in courage and understanding by learning to read.

Baker & Taylor
Angry and humiliated after his sharecropper father is jailed for stealing food for his family, a young African-American boy grows in understanding by learning to read and in courage with the help of his devoted dog, Sounder. Read by Avery Brooks. Book available.


A landmark in children's literature, winner of the 1970 Newbery Medal and the basis of an acclaimed film, Sounder traces the keen sorrow and the abiding faith of a poor African-American boy in the 19th-century South.

Winner, 1970 Newbery Medal
Notable Children's Books of 1940-1970 (ALA)
1970 Fanfare Honor List (The Horn Book)
"Best of the Best" Children's Books 1966-1978 (SLJ)
Outstanding Children's Books of 1969 (NYT)
Best for Young Readers (NYTBR)
1970 Lewis Carroll Shelf Award
Children's Books of 1969 (Library of Congress)
Children's Books of the Year (CSA)
Some Select Children's Books of 1969 (Publishers Weekly)
Notable Books for the Portrayal of the Black in Children's Literature (Top of the News)
Mark Twain Award (Missouri)
1973 Nene Award (Hawaii)
1975 Sue Hefley Children's Book Award (Louisiana)