Annotations for African-American Heritage Cookbook : Traditional Recipes and Fond Remembrances from Alabama's Renowned Tuskegee Institute

Baker & Taylor
Includes memories and literary passages that evince the spirit of Tuskegee and complement more than two hundred traditional recipes with pictorial accounts, personal vignettes, and poetry.

Blackwell North Amer
The fragrances, emotions, and tastes of the famous Tuskegee Institute, founded by former slave Booker T. Washington in 1881, are evoked in this collage of personal vignettes, pictorial accounts, poetry, and more than 200 traditional recipes. The history and entertaining information in these pages conjures the spirit of the small southern town of Tuskegee, Alabama, that for over 100 years has been a mecca and center of progress and education for African Americans.
Not just a collection of recipes, The African-American Heritage Cookbook includes memories and literary passages intended to honor a notable American landmark.
Beginning with the final days of slavery and extending through the Victorian period, the world wars, and the struggle for civil rights, this collection brings alive the pain and pride of suffering sharecroppers, the aspiring students of Washington's fledgling school, and of the thousands of graduates who have gone forth to change America and the world.