Annotations for Boxer Rebellion : Minnesota Not-So-Nice

High school juniors Nick Clements and his best friend Penny are attacked by bullies on campus and the internet who start rumors that they're both gay. Things seem bleak when a video of Nick being stripped and his boxer shorts flying from the school flagpole hits the internet, threatening to become a full-blown scandal, but the situation really deteriorates when one of the bullies turns into a psychotic killer. The Boxer Shorts Rebellion is a suspenseful thriller, a contemporary novel about the dangers surrounding modern teens. Taut and compelling, it tackles the grim issue of bullying with biting, sometimes savage humor. A raw, compelling story, it brings to mind the works of S.E. Hinton and John Irving."If you've ever been bullied or stood by helplessly watching it happen, this novel is your next must read. If you were once a bully, or helped someone else to bully, this book offers redemption. If you stood by then but wonder now if you can make a difference, The Boxer Shorts Rebellion will give you inspiration."CAUTION: People bullied in their teens report being triggered by the crude language, and the brutal, horrific behavior of the bullies. The Boxer Shorts Rebellion is intended for mature readers and is not recommended for children or the very sensitive.