Annotations for Iscariot

Baker & Taylor
Believing he has found the Messiah, Judas enthusiastically becomes one of Jesus' disciples, but he is forced to confront difficult truths when Jesus refuses to cave to social conventions and act on Judas's vision of making the nation free from Roman rule.

Simon and Schuster
The most reviled man in biblical history comes to life.

In Jesus, Judas believes he has found the One--the promised Messiah and future king destined to overthrow Roman rule. Galvanized, Judas joins the disciples, ready to enact the change he has waited for all his life.

But Judas' vision of a nation free from Roman rule is crushed by the inexplicable actions of the Nazarene himself, who will not bow to social or religious convention--who seems in the end to turn against his own people. At last, Judas must confront the fact that the master he loves is not the liberator he hoped for, but a man bent on a drastically different agenda.

Iscariot is the story of Judas--from his tumultuous childhood and tenuous family life as a devout Jew to a man known to the world as the betrayer of Jesus Christ. But even more, it is a singular and surprising view into the life of Jesus himself, an intricate account that will cause you to ask: "Would I have done the same thing as Judas?"