Annotations for Renni the Rescuer : A Dog of the Battlefield

Baker & Taylor
A rerelease of a lesser-known tale by the Austrian author of Bambi, redesigned to appeal to a new generation of readers, follows the story of German shepherd rescue dog Renni, who enlists for service along with his faithful human companion and endures harrowing battlefield experiences during wartime. Simultaneous.

Simon and Schuster
From the author of Bambi, this story of a boy, his dog, and their bravery reaches a new generation of readers with a fresh look.

George has always wanted a dog, so when he picks up small Renni, the runt of a litter of German Shepherd puppies, he immediately falls in love.

As Renni grows, George begins to teach him, and soon Renni is able to do remarkable things. When a trainer suggests Renni become a rescue dog, George knows it's a perfect fit for his pet. Soon Renni is able to find anyone in any situation.

Then the war that has been looming finally begins, and Renni and George enlist. They are able to help many soldiers during training camp--but when they are tested in the actual battlefield, can the two friends hold their ground? Or are they unprepared for the trials ahead?