Annotations for Magic Zero

Baker & Taylor
A first installment in a four-part series by two best-selling authors follows the adventures of Timothy, an unusual non-magical outcast from a magical world, whose fascination with magic energies and sky orbs leads to astonishing discoveries about his abilities and powerful people who want him dead. Simultaneous.

Simon and Schuster
Timothy has great potential for power--no magic necessary--in this start to an action-packed fantasy series from twoNew York Times bestselling authors.

In Timothy's world, everyone has magical powers. Except him. He has spent his entire life as an outcast hidden on a remote island. When he is finally taken back to the city of his birth, Timothy is fascinated by the current of magic that fuels the world and mesmerized by the buildings and orbs that hang weightlessly in the sky. But he is also marked for death.

Assassins are watching his every move, and some very powerful people want him destroyed. Timothy can't imagine what threat he could possibly pose; after all, he wields no power in this world. Or does he?

This first book in the Magic Zero quartet, originally known as the Outcast series, features a refreshed cover and an unforgettable adventure.