Annotations for It's All Downhill from Here

Baker & Taylor
Maggie Kim accompanies her parents on a visit to the Wharton Mansion, which her parents may be interested in buying, but Maggie doesn't like that the house is located on a desolate mountain, or that a ghost appears to live there.

Simon and Schuster
This is one ghost who is determined to get his matter what the price.

Maggie Kim's parents have always dreamed of operating their own hotel, so when the historic Wharton Mansion goes up for sale, they see it as the perfect opportunity to open their own ski lodge. This weekend, Maggie and her family are going to check the place out and perhaps even buy it on the spot. But Maggie doesn't want to move to a run-down old mansion all the way up on a desolate mountain--and the ghost that lives there doesn't want her there either . . . a ghost that will stop at nothing to get his way.
This haunting horror story is rated a Level 4 on the Creep-o-Meter.