Annotations for Blessing Cup

Baker & Taylor
A companion to the best-selling The Keeping Quilt describes how young Anna, a girl from an early 20th-century Russian Jewish family, moves to America and brings a beautiful china tea set that symbolizes God's blessings, family history and a plentiful life that reaches through subsequent generations.

Simon and Schuster
A bond of love unites a family throughout generations in this companion to the beloved and bestselling classicThe Keeping Quilt.

As a young Russian Jewish girl in the early 1900s, Anna and her family lived in fear of the Czar's soldiers. The family lived a hard life and had few possessions--their treasure was a beautiful china tea set. A wedding gift to Anna's parents, the tea set came with a wish that "Anyone who drinks from this will have blessings from God. They will never know a day of hunger. Their lives will always have flavor. They will know love and joy and they will never be poor."

When Anna's family leaves Russia for America, they bring the tea set and its blessings. A source of heritage and security, the tea set helps Anna's family make friends and find better lives in America. A cup from the tea set--The Blessing Cup--became an anchor of family history, and it remains a symbol of lasting love more than a century later.

This tender tribute to the importance of loving lineage is a prequel and companion to the perennial bestsellerThe Keeping Quilt and is told and illustrated with authenticity and tremendous heart.