Annotations for Everything Kids' Book of Outrageous Facts : Explore the Most Fantastic, Extraordinary, and Unbelievable Truths About Your World!

Baker & Taylor
Presents weird, fascinating and strange facts about various topics, including animals, science, space, and American history, and includes quizzes and activities relating to the trivia.

Baker & Taylor
The author of The Everything KIDS' Gross Mazes Book and the co-author of The Everything KIDS' Puzzle Book present an all-in-one collection of weird, whimsical and otherwise over-the-top facts about the world that includes coverage of subjects ranging from sports and science to Ancient Egypt and pirates. Original.

F+W Publishing

Did you know...
The average person eats up to 430 insects a year?
Dinosaurs used bad breath as a weapon?
A soccer player runs about 7 miles per game?
An ear of corn always has an even number of rows?

Want to perplex your parents and flabbergast your friends with the who, what, where, why, how, and "yuck!" about the world we live in? Then you need this all-in-one collection of the weirdest, most fascinating, and sometimes just icky truths out there! You will gasp, gag, and giggle at facts about:

  • Sports and famous athletes
  • Animals at home and in the wild
  • Science and chemistry
  • Bugs and other creepy crawlies
  • Dinosaurs and dragons
  • Planets and the sun
Featuring factoids and experiments about almost everything under the sun, this book is perfect for curious kids who won't be satisfied with ordinary truths--after all, the stranger the better!