Annotations for Panda Panic : Running Wild

Baker & Taylor
Ping the panda thinks he has finally found excitement when he gets swept down the river, but the humans, animals, and shadowy figures he encounters might be too much adventure for him.

Barron's Educational Publishing
It's official, Awesome Animals are a hit! Kids all over are diving into these frantically funny, easy-to-read chapter books and they can't wait to find out what new tricks these hilarious animals will be up to next.

In Panda Panic: Running Wild, Ping the panda is on the hunt for adventure. When he gets swept down the river, he finally finds the excitement he's been waiting for. But will the shadows, bandits, and lurking snow leopards prove to be too much adventure even for Ping?

This brand new title in the Awesome Animals series is certain to keep kids laughing and reading! Comical black and white cartoon-style illustrations capture the zany spirit of the story.