Annotations for Shadow Masters

Baker & Taylor
After the electricity goes out in Metropolis, Superman suspects that super heroine Acrata is responsbile, and when he restores the power he quickly realizes that he must join forces with Acrata to stop a new threat, the evil Eclispo, who is threatening to take over the world.

Capstone Pr Inc
"Reporter CLARK KENT investigates the theft of black crystals from a METROPOLIS museum. As he searches for clues, electrical transformers beneath the street suddenly explode! CLARK quickly changes into his alter ego, SUPERMAN, and locates the problem. It's ACRATA, a super heroine who can teleport through shadows. She insists that the power must be shut down, or the earth will be doomed. SUPERMAN isn't convinced. He stops ACRATA, but soon a new problem arrives. The evil ECLIPSO appears, carrying the stolen crystals and threatening to take over the world. SUPERMAN and ACRATA must stop him from casting an evil shadow over Earth."