Annotations for My Favorite Place on Earth : Celebrated People Share Their Travel Discoveries

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Dunn, an author and popular National Geographic travel journalist, interviews famous figures such as Jerry Seinfeld, Sandra Day O'Connor and the Dalai Lama to discover their "favorite places on Earth." Written for general readers, these 75 entries contain brief descriptions from the interviewees, beautiful color photographs, directions and visitor information for destinations such as the Old City of Jerusalem, Tibet and even the moon (chosen by astronaut Buzz Aldrin). Brief biographies of the subjects are also included. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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See the world through the eyes of some of the most celebrated and admired people of our time in this engaging new travel book. Award-winning author and National Geographic Traveler writer Jerry Camarillo Dunn takes you on a remarkable journey with such amazing and diverse figures as Sandra Day O'Connor and the Dalai Lama, actors Robin Williams and Morgan Freeman, astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Sally Ride, explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau, real estate mogul Donald Trump, entertainer Jerry Seinfeld, food guru Alice Waters, and author Tony Hillerman. His simple question to these people: What is your favorite travel discovery? The answers are both surprising and engaging--ranging from Bali Indonesia to a well-used bench at San Francisco's Crissy Field, from the Hopi Mesas in Arizona to the Old City of Jerusalem. In page after page, celebrated contributors describe the special appeal of each place--be it the amazing beauty, or the character of the people, or simply the hushed joy of solitude.

To enhance the stories further, Dunn scoured the files of National Geographic to create sidebars full of intriguing information about each place--and even steers you to websites that tell how you can visit them yourself. But the real allure is the entertaining narrative, inviting readers to experience the excitement of traveling with these celebrated personalities to their favorite places on Earth.

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