Annotations for Butterflies, Flowers 2

Baker & Taylor
Choko Kuze, the daughter of an aristocratic family that is now poor, takes an entry level job, only to discover that her demanding but handsome boss was once a family servant, and that they still have feelings for each other.

Simon and Schuster
R to L (Japanese Style). A hilarious office romance! Choko Kuze is in love with her ex-servant-now-tyrannical-boss Masayuki Domoto. She's had a hard time getting him to see her as a woman, but between bouts of treating her like a genteel lady and an entry-level office grunt, he's slowly starting to come around. Unfortunately, the CEO's niece has set her sights on Masayuki and won't take no for an answer. Will Choko step aside to protect Masayuki's career, or is it now time for her to pull rank?