Annotations for Ice Hockey

Baker & Taylor
Presents an overview of the origins and history of ice hockey; explores the scientific principles behind the sport, including speed, velocity, momentum, energy, friction, motion, and force; and looks at common injuries and treatments.

Gale / Cengage Learning

Sports play an important formative role in the lives of many middle and high school students.Science Behind Sports from Lucent Books explores the science behind key contemporary sports. Volumes present in a clear and engaging manner the scientific principles and concepts involved, the biomechanics and physiology of playing, and related health issues and medical concerns related to the sport.

Greenhaven Pr
An extremely fast-paced and physical game, ice hockey is one of the four major North American professional sports and a popular event at the Winter Olympics. Providing an overview of the origins and history of ice hockey and current issues affecting the game, this book presents clear and readable descriptions of the scientific principles and concepts relevant to the sport, the biomechanics and physiology involved for the players, and the elements of sports medicine uniquely associated with the game.