Annotations for Meaning of Life...and Other Stuff

Baker & Taylor
A latest entry in the series that includes When the Past Is a Present finds Amelia struggling with serious issues including her Aunt Tanner's absence and her friend's father's injury in the line of duty, challenges she works through while repairing her clubhouse at the side of Turnip Brain. Simultaneous.

Simon and Schuster
Amelia McBride may be growing up, but she's feeling down. If there's one theme to her life, it's that nothing lasts: not her parents' marriage, not Aunt Tanner's support, not the clubhouse for the Gathering of Awesome Super Pals (G.A.S.P.), not even her new spot on the stupid cheerleading squad. And while she's learning all kinds of things about foot fungus, cheerwitches, and Reggie--who thinks Rhonda is CUTE?!--there's still one thing Amelia can't figure out, and that's the meaning of life. It takes a grownup sort of tragedy for Amelia and her friends to realize that even when the world is scary, and life is as mystifying as ever, some things--like friendship--do last.

In Jimmy Gownley's touching seventh installment of Amelia Rules!, Amelia may not find all the answers--but she does know how to ask the right questions. Who needs answers, anyway?