Annotations for Winner : Library Edition

Random House, Inc.
LuAnn Tyler is an unwed mother in Rikersville, Georgia, trying to escape poverty and an abusive relationship. Then a mysterious Mr. Jackson offers her a job, which will guarantee her the win in the next national lottery. Initially LuAnn isn't interested. But she turns around to find herself accused of a murder she didn't commit. Now on the run, Jackson's offer is her only hope. She accepts the proposition-and the condition that she leaves the country forever. But ten years later, LuAnn secretly returns to the United States where she is still wanted for murder.
Back in the U.S., a reporter soon picks up her trail. Also on her trail is Jackson, set on punishing her defiance. Once again, LuAnn's life is falling apart. When the FBI investigates the fixed lottery, she finds herself turning to Matthew Riggs for help, a new friend . . . on unsteady ground.
Featuring one of the most sinister criminal minds ever created, THE WINNER is a pulse-pounding thriller that grips the listener to the very last word.