Annotations for Lottery : Library Edition

Random House, Inc.
"My name is Perry L. Crandall and I am not retarded."

LOTTERY is an extraordinary novel about the nature of luck and chance. Perry's IQ is only 76, but he's not stupid. His Gram taught him everything he needs to know to survive: She taught him to write things down so he won't forget them. She taught him to play the lottery every week. And most important, she taught him whom to trust.

When Gram dies, Perry is left bereft at the age of thirty-one. Then his weekly Washington State Lottery ticket wins him $12 million, and he finds he has more family than he knows what to do with-and his luck has very much changed. Poignant and funny, LOTTERY will leave listeners wondering until the very end whether Perry's good fortune can possibly withstand such a perilous world. But never underestimate Perry L. Crandall.

With characters both wicked and heroic, LOTTERY is a deeply satisfying novel about trust, loyalty, and what distinguishes us as capable.