Annotations for Zombie Love : The Do's, Don'ts, and It Depends of Undead Dating

Baker & Taylor
A humorous guide to dating for zombies features advice on finding a date, pre-date grooming, the art of dating, surviving as a couple, and the joys and hardships of marriage.

Just because you're a reanimated corpse doesn't mean you can't fall in love--as this hilarious dating guide parody proves. Dating is tough, but hooking up when you're undead can be a nightmare. It's hard enough to meet that special something without having to worry about fetid breath, angry mobs, and missing (ahem) appendages. And if you do score a night on the prowl with the zombie of your dreams, you'll face all the usual dating concerns, and then some: How soon is too soon to call after a first date? What's the best cover-up for a shotgun wound? And what's the proper dining etiquette when your meal tries to call the authorities? Filled with insightful advice, tips, quizzes, and more, Zombie Love will help any walking corpse find a soul mate and maybe even a happily ever afterlife.