Annotations for Bran Hambric: The Specter Key

Baker & Taylor
When Bran's best friend Astara is kidnapped and turned into a Specter, he vows to do whatever it takes to save her and prevent the evil mage on his trail from claiming the power of the curse for herself.

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The must-read follow-up from 21-year-old author phenom Kaleb Nation, creator of

Blogging phenom Kaleb Nation delivers an exceptional follow-up to his debut hit, The Farfield Curse. Re-enter the world of Dunce where magical hero Bran Hambric has recently discovered a safe deposit box in his mother's name-in the very vault where he was discovered as a boy. Now he's on a frightening path that eventually leads to his father, whom Bran believed to be dead. When Bran's best friend, Astara, is kidnapped and turned into a Specter, he must explore a side of himself he never knew existed. But will the magic destroy him the way it destroyed his mother?

Praise for Bran Hambric: the Farfield Curse:
"...the author tucks in promisingly clever touches (magical power is measured in 'witts,' and weak mages are dubbed 'dimwitts') and has a knack for crafting violent, quickly paced chases and fights." -Kirkus