Annotations for Undressed Art : Why We Draw

Baker & Taylor
Draws on scientific and historical sources, as well as the author's own observations as a National Magazine Award-nominated naturalist and writer, to explain why people draw, covering such topics as what the mind does while drawing, the prevalence of faces and nudes in art, and the dynamic between artist and model. 25,000 first printing.

Blackwell North Amer
We all draw as children: we scrawl a sun-beamed circle for a face and dots for eyes, and then we move on to portraits of Mom with an upside-down U for hair and Dad with trousers up to his armpits. But sooner or later, almost everyone stops. In this book, Peter Steinhart explores why some of us keep on drawing - and what happens when we do.
Combining the scientific, the historical, the anecdotal and the personal, Steinhart asks some questions: Why do drawings often speak to us more eloquently than paintings? What is the mind doing when we draw? Why is so much drawing of the face and of the nude figure? What is the dynamic between a clothed artist and a naked model?