Annotations for Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals!

Baker & Taylor
Offers a series of brief comic rhymes to help memorize the names of all fifty states and their capitals.

Midpoint Books
From the author of the award-winning The Little Man In the Map: With Clues To Remember All 50 States comes its eagerly awaited companion book, The Little Man In the Map Teaches the State Capitals! Following the proven method of its predecessor, this clever paper-bound volume uses memory aids, well-laced with humor, to help anyone learn the U.S. capitals. A How To Use section explaining the simple and effective method is followed by an alphabetical listing where a two-page spread is devoted to each state/capital unit. The left-hand page establishes word clues based on word associations derived from the sounds of the names of the state and its capital; the facing page brings the word clues together in two to four rhymed lines placed under a humorous cartoon that reinforces the story.The book will appeal to a wide range of ages, from elementary to high school students. They will surely be joined by some of their parents who will find themselves finally remembering even the more elusive state capitals.