Annotations for Electric Girl 2

Baker & Taylor
With the possession of electrical powers and a nagging invisible gremlin on her back, Virginia's life is hardly normal, but her school years are captured in these volumes as she interacts with family, friends, and detective work.

Diamond Comics Distributors
Electric Girl Volume 2 is a fun-filled collection of stories of the decidedly all-ages comic book, Electric Girl. If having electrical powers doesn't complicate a young girl's life as it is, add an invisible trouble-making gremlin into the mix and then things will get very interesting. Electric Girl stars Virginia (the young girl who happens to have the electrical powers), her dog Blammo, and her invisible friend, the gremlin Oogleeoog, and chronicles their various misadventures through life. This volume collects the stories from issues 5 through 8 of the Electric Girl comic book by Eisner-nominated cartoonist Mike Brennan.