Annotations for Win Government Contracts for Your Small Business

Blackwell Publishing
Government contracts under $100,000 are targeted to small businesses. Win Government Contracts for Your Small Business---now in its fifth edition---will show you how to get in on the action in just 10 easy-to-understand steps. By following our practical advice, you'll be accurately listed in the federal procurement system, allowing you to start receiving bid leads for lucrative federal contracts.

Win Government Contracts is the only book that covers, step-by-step and in detail, how to successfully compete for federal contracts---and make more money for your small business.

The Business Owner's Toolkil Series offers readers a depth, breadth, and timeliness of information unrivaled by any other small business publisher. Unlike small business books written by a single author, these books draw on vast reserves of business information that Wolters Kluwer delivers to its professional customers. Now, Toolkit Media Group makes this expert information available to small business owners like you, in an easy-to-understand format.

Independent Publishing Group

Packed with techniques necessary to find, negotiate, and win government contracts, this updated guide for small-business owners includes the latest processes for competing. Ten easy steps are detailed for entering a business into the federal procurement system, receiving bids for lucrative federal contracts, and successfully competing for government contracts. Small-business owners learn how to use the Internet to get government contracts, find government buyers, write and submit a winning proposal, and capture their share of this 311-billion-dollar market.