Annotations for Painless Reading Comprehension

Baker & Taylor
"This book--for junior and senior high school students--asks students meaningful questions about their reading preferences and difficulties and helps them discover what type of reader they are and how to improve overall comprehension. Guided by the author, who is an experienced teacher, students will gain important and useful techniques and exercises to learn how to read with ease, and to comprehend what they are reading. Most important, they discover how to transform a once-arduous task into a pleasurable experience"--

Baker & Taylor
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Barron's Educational Publishing
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Really. This won't hurt at all . . .
The thought of having to learn
Reading Comprehension once turned
brave students into cowards . . .
but no more!


  • What kind of reader are you? Avid or reluctant?
  • What can you do to "warm up" your brain before you start to read?
  • What can you do if you don't understand what you're reading?
  • What can you do to keep what you read in your head?

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    Barron's Educational Publishing
    Reading comprehension assignments that first seem confusing become easy when students answer the author's key questions about their own reading habits. For example: "What can kids do towarm up their brains before starting to read?" and "How can they keep the facts they read in their head?" The author offers interesting answers to these and many more questions. Titles in Barron's extensivePainless Series cover most subjects taught on middle school and high school levels, and are written for students who find the subjects unusually difficult and confusing--or in some cases, just plain boring.Painless Series authors, all of them experienced educators, are experts at clearing up aspects of their subjects that students are likely to find confusing. These books also perk up students' interest by emphasizing the attention-catching ways in which the subjects can be put to practical use. Most Painless Series titles take a light-hearted approach to their subjects, and all of them present fun-to-solve challenges with puzzles, games, and "Brain Tickler" problems. AlthoughPainless Series titles are written primarily for middle school and high school students, older students and adults who need to refresh their skills will also find these books extremely helpful.

    Printed inside every copy of Painless Reading Comprehension is a code that gives kids FREE access to a subject-related app. This book's app is an arcade game themed to help students improve their reading comprehension. It can be downloaded on any iPhone, iTouch, iPad, or Android device.