Annotations for Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back!

Baker & Taylor
When some high-school kids mug him for his snow shoveling money, middle-grader Adam Canfield, star reporter of The Slash, is embarrassed when the media shares his story and his co-editors plan a contest to "out" bullies in their school. Reprint.

Random House, Inc.
"Lots of laugh-out-loud humor, perfectly satirizing state tests, overzealous parents, and kids who are in danger of being enriched to death." -- SCHOOL AND LIBRARY JOURNAL

For overprogrammed middle-grader Adam Canfield, waking up to a snow day is a dream come true -- a chance to sleep late, put off planning the next issue of THE SLASH, and make some quick cash with his shovel. But the dream turns into a nightmare when some high-school kids mug Adam for his shoveling money. Then not only does the media blast the embarrassing story, but Adam's own co-editors plan a contest outing bullies at their school. In a second look behind the scenes at a middleschool newspaper, Michael Winerip deftly blends kid-friendly humor with some provocative issues, including the subtle effects of class and racism and the thrill that comes from speaking truth to power.