Annotations for Olympics

Baker & Taylor
A chronological tour of the historical and social events that shaped the Olympics dedicates spreads to specific locations and how the beliefs of participating cultures impacted various competitions, in a volume complemented by a listing of modern records and finely detailed, cross-section artwork. Simultaneous.

McMillan Palgrave

This series offers a unique journey through different periods in history. Detailed artworks tell the story of a specific location as it changes with time. As they explore each scene, readers learn about the people who lived in this place, looking at their beliefs and ways of life.

Come along on a time-traveling adventure to explore the history of the most famous--and most international--sporting competition in the world, from its ancient origins to the present day. Readers will follow the narrative from city to city, exploring the impact of the Games on each host nation as well as the key social, political, and cultural events of the era. Amazing cross-sections and finely detailed artwork invite readers to explore the cities, stadiums, and games across time. Woven into this narrative are major sporting highlights, facts, and record breakers of the modern period, beginning in Paris in 1900, and continuing through the upcoming 2012 games in London. Beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched,Through Time: Olympics is perfect for sporting fans everywhere!