Annotations for Fires of Merlin : Library Edition

Random House, Inc.
Wings of Fire, the sleeping dragon, has awakened, threatening to loose his terrible wrath on all of Fincayra. Only young Merlin, whose magical powers are new and untested, can stop him-though the price may well be the young wizard's life.

But before he can face the dragon's fires, Merlin must face other fires, including those within himself. He must confront the dreaded kreelixes, who exist only to destroy magic; the mysterious Wheel of Wye; and sorceress Domanu, who holds the treasured Galator. Most challenging, young Merlin must discover the power-as well as the source-of his own magic.

T. A. Barron's spellbinding third audiobook in The Lost Years of Merlin epic, rich in passion and spiritual depth, adds a dramatic and bold new dimension to the legend of Merlin.