Annotations for Keeping Score : Library Edition

Random House, Inc.
Most people call her Maggie. Her brother, Joey-Mick, calls her Mags. Mom calls her Margaret Olivia Fortini (when she's angry). Dad always calls her Maggie-o-after Joe DiMaggio, his favorite baseball player.
Maggie and Joey-Mick aren't Yankee fans like Dad; their team is the Brooklyn Dodgers. Although Maggie doesn't play baseball herself, she knows the game. She can recite the players' stats, understands complicated plays, cheers when the Dodgers win-and suffers when they lose. Even with Maggie's support and prayers, the Dodgers fail to win the World Series, season after season. Adding to her disappointment, the letters she sends to her friend and baseball mentor, Jim-serving in the army in Korea-aren't answered.
No matter what she does, Maggie can't seem to break Jim's long silence. Or help the Dodgers. Will anything she tries ever make a difference?