Annotations for No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club : Diary of a Sixtieth Year

Baker & Taylor
Approaching what she believes will be the most interesting period of her life, nearly sixty-year-old curmudgeon Marie Sharp eschews the trend-oriented activities of her peers in order to enjoy her relationship with a new grandchild and a new gentleman friend.

Blackwell North Amer
Marie Sharp may be a little creaky in the bones as she heads toward the big 6-0, but she is fine with it. She'd rather do without all the moving-to-Florida-bicycling-across-Mongolia-for-the-hell-of-it hoopla that her friends insist upon. She has already led an exciting life: She came of age in the 1960s, after all. Now, with both a new grandchild and a new man on the horizon, all she wants to do is accept the happy, sassy curmudgeon she has become and "start doing old things."
So don't harass her about parasailing or bungee jumping or sitting on committees or signing up for university courses to learn Italian. Forget about suggesting she join a gym or take a gourmet cooking class. And whatever you do, don't you dare tell her to join a book club! This book is the fictionalized diary of an older woman a decade or two past her prime and content to have it all behind her.