Annotations for Three Silly Girls Grubb

Baker & Taylor
In this revision of the familiar tale "The Three Billy Goats Gruff," three sisters manage to outwit Ugly-Boy Bobby who spends his time under the bridge they must cross on their way to school.

Skippity-skip-skip. One after the other, three silly sisters skip over a bridge on their way to school. But before she can cross to safety, each sister must face Ugly-Boy Bobby, a bully who hides in a hole beneath the bridge. Ugly-Boy Bobby was the kind of boy who ate bugs, tossed stones at cats, and drank from puddlesthe muddier the better." But even a boy like Bobby hungers for something other than bugs and mud puddles from time to time. What he craves the most are jelly donuts, the very ones each sister carries in her lunch! Just when it seems that Ugly-Boy Bobby will stop at nothing to get those donuts, the biggest sister turns the tables on him with just one simple, little request . . .

Zany illustrations, full of fun details to discover, enliven this humorous take on the classic children's story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff."