Annotations for Everything Is Different at Nonna's House

Baker & Taylor
A young boy describes the differences between his home in the city and life on his grandparents' farm and learns that no matter where he is their love for him is always the same.

Everything is different at Nonna's house. No honk, honk taxis jam the street. No way-up buildings crowd the sky. At Nonna's house there's always time for blueberry pancakes. And there are fun jobs to do all day long, like clipping the roses, feeding the cows, and riding on the tractor with Pop-Pop. Best of all, when it turns dark, something surprising happens to remind the little boy that he can take his grandmother's love wherever he goes.

Accompanied by Hiroe Nakata's bright watercolor paintings, this sprightly story celebrates the joy of new experiences and the special bond between grandparents and children.