Annotations for Spider Sparrow

Baker & Taylor
Spider, a baby abandoned on an English farm, grows up to be mentally slower than other children but manifests a remarkable talent for communicating with animals as he comes of age during World War II.

Random House, Inc.
Spider Sparrow has always been different from other children. He can't walk like them, he can't talk like them, he can't learn like them. But Spider has a very special gift: He can perfectly imitate the sounds of animals, drawing them to him, soothing them. Spider amazes himself when he uses his gift to hand-feed a fox. He amazes others when he uses it to save a life. And while Spider's world is sometimes difficult, he lives each day with enthusiasm, joy, and courage. With rich, evocative detail, beloved children's book author Dick King-Smith depicts an English farming community before and during World War II and celebrates the mark one special boy makes on