Annotations for Giddy-Up, Daddy!

Baker & Taylor
When the dad who is the world's best at playing "horsey" is lured away by rustlers, it is up to his children to rescue him in a wild ride that takes them to a rodeo, a circus and beyond.

Random House, Inc.
Giddy-Up, Daddy! is the newest imaginative picture book from celebrated cartoonist Troy Cummings. When rootin'-tootin' Daddy the "horse" is eyeballed by some rotten rustlers, it's all the kids can do to keep him out of the big lugs' lasso. What follows is a quick detour through a rodeo, a trip across a circus high wire, and a near-miss in the Rockies, till the kids don Mounty gear and capture the bad guys for good. A celebratory parade at sundown leads the kids and Daddy back home into Mom's waiting arms.