Annotations for Blue Shoe : A Tale of Thievery, Villainy, Sorcery, and Shoes

Baker & Taylor
When the blue shoe is ruined, Hap is branded a thief and sent to live on the far side of Mount Xexnax, but despair turns to hope when the young dreamer realizes that his banishment will result in him seeing his father in the remote land and provide an opportunity to plan their escape.

Random House, Inc.
It was only one shoe. It fit no one. But everyone wanted it.

Hap Barlo sits in a cell, wondering how it had all gone so wrong. The blue shoe was ruined, the girl he’d been trying to help was missing, and he’d been branded a thief—again! He would be banished to the far side of Mount Xexnax in the morning.

On the bright side, now he might be able to rescue his father, who had been banished last year. No one has ever returned from Xexnax, so perhaps Hap is a tad optimistic to be dreaming of rescue. Then again, perhaps a dreamer, a doer, and a thief is just the kind of boy who could challenge this mountain—and win!

First edition will be printed in blue ink!