Annotations for How to Remember Everything : Memory Shortcuts To Help You Study Smarter: Grades 9-12

Baker & Taylor
Looks at strategies to improve academic performance, provides tips on memorizing long lists, and offers two hundred mnemonics to help remember historical events, spelling rules, math formulas, and other types of information in science, math, social studies, and English.

Random House, Inc.
This brand new guide from the experts at The Princeton Review is the only resource on the market that teaches high school students HOW to learn. Instead of providing them with long lists of information, they teach students memory tricks and techniques for learning large amounts of information quickly and easily--so that students can remember that information for years to come. Rote memorization doesn't result in long-term memory retention--but creative learning does. Teachers and students can use these mnemonic devices to produce both short-term and long-term memory.

Designed in full-color with illustrations throughout, these incredible learning resources are also easy to use and highly accessible.