Annotations for Gulf Music

Baker & Taylor
Features poems by the former Poet Laureate of the United States that span a wide range of topics, including love and war, the architecture of small towns, and objects on top of a desk.

Baker & Taylor
From the former Poet Laureate of the United States comes an ambitious, politically impassioned, and inventive collection of poetry that explores the unexpected connections between seemingly disparate things.

McMillan Palgrave

Dollars, dolors. Callings and contrivances. King Zulu. Comus.

Sephardic ju-ju and verses. Voodoo mojo, Special Forces.

Henry formed a group named Professor Longhair and his

Shuffling Hungarians. After so much renunciation

And invention, is this the image of the promised end?

All music haunted by all the music of the dead forever.

Becky haunted forever by Pearl the daughter she abandoned

For love, O try my tra-la-la, ma la belle, mah walla-woe.

--from "Gulf Music"

An improvised, even desperate music, yearning toward knowledge across a gulf, informs Robert Pinsky's first book of poetry sinceJersey Rain (2000).

On the large scale of war or the personal scale of family history, in the movements of people and cultures across oceans or between eras, these poems discover connections between things seemingly disparate.

Gulf Music is perhaps the most ambitious, politically impassioned, and inventive book by this major American poet.