Annotations for Seeing Stars

Baker & Taylor
The christening -- An accommodation -- The cuckoo -- Back in the early days of the twenty-first century -- Michael -- I'll be there to love and comfort you -- The English astronaut -- Hop in, Dennis -- Upon opening the chest freezer -- Seeing stars -- Last words -- My difference -- The accident -- Aviators -- 15:30 by the elephant house -- An obituary -- Knowing what we know now -- The experience -- Collaborators -- Ricky Wilson couldn't sleep -- The knack -- The practical way to heaven -- To the bridge -- Beyond Huddersfield -- Cheeses of Nazareth -- Show and tell -- Upon unloading the dishwasher -- Poodles -- The personal touch -- The last panda -- Sold to the lady in the sunglasses and green shoes -- The war of the roses -- A nativity -- The delegates-- The overtones -- The sighting of the century -- The crunch -- Bringing it all back home -- Last day on planet Earth.

Random House, Inc.
A thrilling new collection from the hugely acclaimed British poet Simon Armitage. With its vivid array of dramatic monologues, allegories, and tall tales, this absurdist, unreal exploration of modern society brings us a chorus of unique and unforgettable voices.

All are welcome at this twilit, visionary carnival: the man whose wife drapes a border-curtain across the middle of the marital home; the black bear with a dark secret; the woman who oversees giant snowballs in the freezer. "My girlfriend won me in a sealed auction but wouldn't / tell me how much she bid," begins one speaker; "I hadn't meant to go grave robbing with Richard Dawkins / but he can be very persuasive," another tells us. The storyteller behind this human tapestry has about him a sly undercover idealism: he shares with many of his characters a stargazing capacity for belief, or for being, at the very least, entirely "genuine in his disbelief." In these startling poems, with their unique cartoon-strip energy and air of misrule, Armitage creates world after world, peculiar and always particular, where the only certainty is the unexpected.