Annotations for Much Ado About Nothing

Baker & Taylor
Provides historical background information, explanations of difficult words and passages, scene summaries, character notes, and questions and activities for the classroom.

Oxford University Press
This introductory edition of one of the Bard's most popular comedies has been designed specifically for readers new to Shakespeare's rich literary legacy. The play is presented unabridged and in large print, copiously annotated and preceded by a commentary and character summary. A brief scene synopsis clarifies the plot, while incisive essays describe the historical context and Shakespeare's sources. The explanatory notes are written clearly and simply, illustrated, and positioned right next to the text--no more flipping pages back and forth to squint over microscopic footnotes!
Sparkling with witty dialogue, Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare's most enjoyable and theatrically successful comedies. First published in 1600, it is set in Italy and recounts the romantic misadventures of a large cast of characters. Faked deaths, arranged marriages, foiled plots, veiled maidens, shipwrecks, aristocrats, whispered words of love--the usual suspects are all here. But in the end, all is well that ends well.