Annotations for Coriolanus

Baker & Taylor
Critical and historical notes accompany Shakespeare's play about the life of an ambitious military leader

Oxford University Press
The latest addition to our highly acclaimed Oxford School Shakespeare series, Coriolanus is probably the Bard's last tragedy, written about 1608. Set in ancient Rome, it follows the life of Roman general Coriolanus, who betrays his country and leads a barbarian army against his own people to avenge his honor. Featuring numerous illustrations and photographs from performances all over the world, the play is fully annotated with notes directly facing the text.
Helpful sections at the front of the book include a plot summary, an introductory essay which places this work against its historical background, and a brief discussion of the characters in the play. Comprehension questions for students, a biographical summary of Shakespeare's life, and a detailed index are contained among the appendices. Finally, the large print and wide-margin format complete what is the most comprehensive, clear, and least intimidating exposure to Shakespeare for young adults.