Annotations for Teach Yourself Help Your Child to Read

Baker & Taylor
Each book provides the basic information that a motivated self-learner needs to study a particular subject, in a series that covers a wide range of interesting topics.

McGraw Hill

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Helpful advice for instilling a love of reading from an early age

Help Your Child to Read shows you how to develop your child's skills and foster a love of books from an early age. From discovering the benefits of singing and rhyming together to learning letters and later helping the child at school, it gives you all the practical advice you need to confidently help your child, whatever their age and reading ability.


Topics includes: Why is it important to learn to read?; Why is learning to read English difficult?; Why should parents help?; Reading to your baby; Reading to your infant; Reading to your toddler (2-3 years); Reading with your pre-school child (3-4 years) ; Starting school (4-5 years); Reading with your 5-7 years; Children with reading difficulties (6-11 years); Children who can read but don't (8-11); The young fluent reader (6-7 years); The older fluent reader (8-11 years)