Annotations for Whoopie Pie War

Baker & Taylor
Spending all his money to buy squash for Inkling while his father concocts an autumn-themed ice cream flavor, Hank is dismayed when a whoopee pie truck parks in front of his family's ice-cream shop and starts stealing all their business. 30,000 first printing.


The adventures of Brooklyn boy Hank Wolowitz and his invisible--but not imaginary--friend continue withThe Whoopie Pie War, the third book in the Invisible Inkling series by Emily Jenkins.
A truck selling ice-cream whoopie pies sets up right in front of the ice-cream shop belonging to Hank's family, and it's taking away all the shop's business. His dad is going crazy. His mom is furious.
Hank and Inkling, his invisible bandapat, aren't going to take it. The Whoopie Pie War is on! They'll do whatever it takes to beat the whoopie pie truck--unicorn costumes, extreme kindness, an army of supervillains.

The illustrated chapter book's mix of silliness, fantasy, strong sense of place, and a realistic family make it a great pick for middle-grade readers.